Council for improvement of business environment on the territory of Podgorica held IV session

Council for improvement of business environment on the territory of Podgorica held IV session

The fourth session of the Council for the Improvement of the Business Environment on the Territory of the Capital was held today in virtual form in accordance with the current epidemiological situation. The session was chaired by Deputy Mayor Caslav Vesovic, and eight items on the agenda were discussed.

The “Senior Card” project, the results of a survey of businessmen, as well as the Decision on the fee for communal equipment were presented. Also, the representatives of the Capital presented to the members of the Business Council the business zones on the territory of Podgorica, then the financial and non-financial support to entrepreneurship by the Capital, as well as the report on the implementation of activities from the Spatial Planning Program for the current year.

The Deputy Mayor of Capital City Podgorica, Časlav Vešović, emphasized that the Parliament of Montenegro adopted amendments to the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Facilities during the summer, and that local self-government units are obliged to adapt their local regulations to the new legal solution. prepared an amendment to the decision for communal equipment, starting from the fact that in the Business Council there is a significant number of those businessmen who have their activity related to construction and numerous investments “, pointed out Vešović.

He reminded that business zones are a great business opportunity of the capital, which is why the city is working hard on it. Speaking about the infrastructure development plan, ie the Spatial Planning Program, Vesovic emphasized that the ambition of the Capital through further communication with businessmen in the shortest possible time, which is by the end of the year, is to prepare a Spatial Planning Program for 2021 so that they can work on communal equipment and the realization of significant investments in Podgorica at the beginning of next year.

Nina Perunović has been appointed Secretary of the Business Council.